A Secret Passion

A secret passion;
A peculiar indulgence
She kept from everyone
Except her conscience!
And for so many years
A weight on her shoulder
She fret and shed tears
As her world gets even colder
An all-consuming obsession
Though it could never ever be
In her mind, a compulsion
Sadly, she’d never be free
No one will understand
Those who love her, more so!
The life she has planned
No one will ever know!
But soon enough, at life’s end
At her grave, a secret will be
In a letter she penn’d
For all her loved ones to see
© F Aparici    10/04/2016

Ask me not what her obsession is. For I know not rightly so. But wouldn't it be a sad life all around if you have a secret you cannot share with anyone, much less with the people you love and who loves you?

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