Every breath I take, I whisper your name
Every waking moment, lights up a flame
  Deep inside my heart
  Even when we’re apart
An emotion; a raging fire I cannot tame
With you, every day I bask in sunlight
Stars and fireflies light up the night
  There’s joy in my life
  Neither anger nor strife
I know in my heart, the future’s bright
Then all the moments we spend together
They will last one day and all of forever
  With you by my side
  My joy and my pride
We’ll face the whole world in any weather
© F Aparici 3/7/2013


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Benjamin G. Sangalang
over 5 years

How can she not want to "live with him and be his love"? What fair lady would not be moved? Really nice!

over 5 years

Thank you taking the time and liking. :)

Charlotte B. Williams
over 5 years

Very nice.

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