As usual, a case of he said, she said
Another argument halfway to nowhere
Been that way since the day they wed
It seems they’re amidst a nightmare!
But they seek their bearings instead
And always they offer a solemn pray’r
Issues are resolved before they go to bed
In the end, deep love surfaces for air!
© F Aparici    10/28/2016

This is the second in my series of poems about reconciliation...

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Nelson D Reyes
over 4 years

Make-up time is almost always a passionate time. Makes me think-we, he/she, subconsciously initiate little arguments, gets blown up somehow and then reconcile and end up "airing out the deep love" for each other. Sounds very familiar.
A beautiful reconciliation one beautifully taken, the other half of the way to a friendly relationship. Like.

over 4 years

Indeed. LOL

Perhaps, initiate a little fight
And it'll be sensational all night
Doesn't matter who's right
Fireworks shall be outta sight!

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