i’ve tried to find meaning
in everything I see,
but sometimes a sunset’s
just a moment to cherish!
often times I have stopped
to think and tarried,
rather than enjoy every second
before they vanish!
in my ho-hum life,
i’ve stressed about the future…
all my decisions were geared
towards tomorrow…
i forgot to savor
what’s right in front of me,
thus yesterday’s memories
are few and fallow!
now here i am,
close to the witching hour;
few happy moments I recall
from my young years!
true, my future is secure
and I shall not want,
but remembrances I miss;
i’ve never shed happy tears!
luckily, there’s still time,
to savor the seconds everyday,
create memories
till the end of my earthly stay!
© F Aparici    03/08/2016

I posted the first stanza before as another poem called "Meaning" and have added a few more stanzas to explore what I really wanted to say...

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Ingeborg von Finsterwalde/Waltraud I Mack
almost 5 years

It;s called soul searching, we all get caught up in it. You expressed it with style and very eloquently.

almost 5 years

Thanks so much Ingeborg

J Ann Crowder
about 5 years

Very nice!

about 5 years

Thank you Jenifer

about 5 years

Thank you Charlotte...

Charlotte B. Williams
about 5 years

We're never to old to make new memories, nice poem.

about 5 years

Gracias amigo

Benjamin G. Sangalang
about 5 years

Wise and nice!

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