First Love

She had walked into my world un-invited
One Monday morning in very early June
She was in tears, her face full of dread
Wanting to leave, go back home soon
Be still!  I hushed my six-year old heart
As it beat so fast I just can’t keep up
I craned my neck so hard until it hurt
To look at her lovely face and I can’t stop
She wanted to leave but silently I prayed
That she would change her mind and stay
I know God must like me for He ordained
She leaves not so I could see her every day
She was the most beautiful girl I have seen
And her tears that day were like little pearls
She has magnetic eyes that drive girls green
A Mona Lisa smile, dark hair in lovely curls
Yes, she walked un-invited into my universe
One early June morning in nineteen fifty-five
Unerringly, Cupid’s arrow, my heart did pierce
Wounded but in love, I never felt more alive!
She was my first crush and my very first love
My first heartbreak too, when I was but a teen
She stole my heart, my angel from heaven above
She’s my lovely, my first beautiful queen
© F Aparici     12/17/2012


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