Lost not Forgotten Loves

“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
Kahlil Gibran.

Sad Refrain
I hear her whisper in the breeze
I feel her spirit in the rain
Her likeness I see in the clouds
Her scent relieves all the pain.
When she left, I can’t recall
Ne’er will I see her again
The songs we sang together
Sadly, now a sad refrain
Smile and Sigh
She kissed me then went her way
And she didn’t say goodbye
From my life she disappeared
To this day I don’t know why
Perhaps she fell out of love
And she found another guy
There’s not much that I can do
Smile and sigh, forget or try
Two Weeks
For two short weeks we dated
And then she broke up with me
When I asked the reason why
She said I’m just too clingy
Perhaps I misunderstood
Isn’t love supposed to be?
At least I learned my lesson
Next time won’t be too cozy
Aloof and dispassionate
That’s the new uncaring me!
© F Aparici
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