A Limerick Just for Laughs
We all went to dinner; me, myself and I
We sat on one chair, we don’t know why
    I did most of the talking
    Myself quietly listening
Poor old me, all me could do was sigh!
Kidding aside, it is tough to live all alone
No one to talk to, not even on the phone
    Oft times I hear myself talk
    When I take myself for a walk
Poor old me, all me could do is groan!
© F Aparici...  1/1/2015


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oltre 4 anni

Sorry late reply.Thank you for liking my poem!

Chrissie Cluney
oltre 4 anni

this was great!!

Leesaan Robertson
oltre 4 anni

No problem

oltre 4 anni

It started as a joke after my divorce and my kids ask me where I am going to spend new year's eve. And I will say "i'm having dinner with me and myself"Thank you for reading/liking my poem

Leesaan Robertson
oltre 4 anni

nice poem.I have a poem with the same title: "Me, myself and I" but it's completely different from yours.

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