Minute By Minute

“Maybe if you carried bad memories around long enough, they’ll start to change how you walked, how you talked. How you thought.”
Julia Keller

As dusk turns to dawn; day into night
Our lives unfold thus; minute by minute
Some brilliant as the early morning light
Others so somber, melancholy grips the spirit
We count the leaves in the tree of life
The verdant joyful ones, we lovingly mark
But the leaves that cause us pain and strife
We cast them out; we let them float in the dark
But perhaps, cheerless memories we keep instead
For always, there are lessons to be learned
From when we shed tears; or so angry we saw red
Or when we played with fire and got burned!
So when we slowly turn the pages of our books
Let’s rejoice, celebrate every happy moment
But let’s dog-ear pages showing our martyred looks
For hind sight brings undisturbed enjoyment!
© F Aparici

To those who lived through the Marcos years, may they remember the unpleasant times - and vote accordingly.

04142017 reflections

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