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When our moment becomes just a memory
And today lapse into tomorrow
Will it be a nightmare or a reverie
When you think of me; please let me know
For moments with you will never again be
That I know; my days may be full of woe
So on lonely nights, think kindly of me
If not, harder still will be the letting go
Sadly when moments become frozen memories
Dried up rust-colored fallen leaves
Drifting away in the stiff autumn breeze
As a little robin looks on and grieves,
Forgotten they’d be; remembered with unease
Stolen by Morpheus and his memory thieves!
But let it happen not, remember me please
As I you, mornings nights and midsummer eves!
Though apart we may be, once we were as one
That, I’ll celebrate in prose and in song
Then autumn leaves stay on the bough, never gone
And I’ll remember us all my life, however long!
© F Aparici  08/17/2020


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Charlotte B. Williams
2 mesi

Time passes so quickly, and many things become just memories,
some happy, some very good, some we just want to forget.

2 mesi

Thanks for liking. Indeed, there are some we wish could just not remember at all.

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