Giant balls of fire
Lit up the ebony sky
Terrorizing all
Houses left and right
Set ablaze heavenly flames
Nowhere safe to hide
Men women screaming
On the road to oblivion
Frozen where they were
Thousand years later
From ash mountains uncovered
Death masks now revealed
© F Aparici   08/28/2020

Earlier this year, my wife and I visited Pompeii. We saw the ruins and the people who perished but were preserved in the moment of their deaths. That inspired this poem.


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Robert L. Martin
circa un mese

What a disaster that must have been at Pompeii

circa un mese

Must have been. They recovered people "frozen" in stone (pumice) at the moment of death.

Nelson D Reyes
circa 2 mesi

Love it! 5-7-5!
Did you get the book? I have not been there but would like to. My sister in law gave me the souvenir book she and her husband bought. Vivid images of charred in time
city, Pompeiians trapped “frozen” doing their daily activities.
Like. Thanks Brod. With covid 19 we can move around but with limitations.
“Frozen” alive!

circa 2 mesi

Yes Brod. We got the book. With actual views, then superimposed what it likely looked before Vesuvius buried the city.

Thanks for liking.

I have just posted another haiku-inspired poem. Serendipity.

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