“All fantasy should have a solid base in reality.”

Gentle almond eyes
Thick silky hair lustrous sheen
Lovely flawless skin
Porcelain goddess
Yet fire and warmth in her eyes
Otherworldly wise
Often she comes in his dreams
Serenely riding moonbeams
He’s dragged across the heavens
Yet he’s begging for seconds!
But tonight she appeared not
Wide awake he is distraught
No more rollercoaster ride
Across the skies far and wide
Soothing almond eyes
Dark hair whisp’ring in moonlight
Welcome wondrous sight
Porcelain princess
Lady of his reverie
Figment fantasy
In every dream she’s so real
And in his heart the ideal
Thirsting wishing she’d come back
To light up the sky so black
© F Aparici

Dedicated to my porcelain princess.


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