A Short Limerick
Just for Laughs
Or Perhaps Not

In an old, old kingdom, once upon a time
Wearing a mask deemed a horrible crime
Then came coronavirus
Plague from old Osiris
Masks are now topsellers on Amazon Prime!
And when all this is over, it’ll be sublime
Once again hug loved ones, spend quality time
Death to coronavirus!
The feeling inside us
Music there’ll be and verses again will rhyme...
© F Aparici     07/27/2020


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Nelson D Reyes
about 2 months

Love limericks especially the bawdy ones. I loaned my books, yes plural, to a friend and they never came back to me. He probably was out there still troubadouring with the fair maids.
Like. Thanks Brod

about 2 months

Thank you Brod for liking. Yes, I like limericks, the bawdier the better. But I like to use the format for less bawdy, even noble uses. LOL

Barb Clarke
about 2 months

Thanks for showing the humor to this crazy time, it's good to laugh once in awhile!

about 2 months

Thank you Barb. You gotta laugh a little, otherwise we’d go nuts.

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