Rain Clouds

Church bells are chiming
Heav'n with earth rhyming
~Linda Ronstadt

Dark nimbus clouds are threatening
But no! It won’t ruin my morning
For with Nature I’m communing
And to the Almighty I’m praying!
The wind is strong, trees are swaying
Fallen leaves all around me flying
Squirrels up a tree, they’re climbing
For safety; for soon it’ll be raining
Forward I push as flashes of lightning
In the grey sky, bolts are streaking!
In the distance I hear the rumbling
Of thunder claps; like giants walking
Then I hear the sound of rain falling
When raindrops touch me, it’s exhilarating
I feel that with Nature I’m communing
And I thank the Lord for such a blessing!
Wet all over, I’ve undergone a cleansing
And I feel the graces the rain did bring
To my physical body, tired and perspiring
And to my broken spirit that needed healing!
© F Aparici

I was just testing how far I could go on writing a poem with each line having the same rhyme. LOL

And of course for the poem to make perfect sense. I think this poem does that.


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