O’ how I wish I could retire
Before all my dreams expire
My traveling feet are on fire
To explore the world I admire
I’d go to Paris for a day
And visit Musée d’Orsay
Then I’ll be off to Mandalay
And sip a mojito by the bay
Off to Rio, swim at Ipanema
Marvel at the city’s panorama
Then to Suez;  maybe Panama
O’ what exquisite dilemma!
I’ll trek up many hills
Take videos and stills
I’m open to all kinds of thrills
See places that’d give me chills
And when done, I’ll write
About them, day and night
Until my hair’s all white
Until I see heaven’s light!
© F Aparici   10/31/2015


Two of my siblings took early retirements this year, and I was impressed to write this short ditty.

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