Secret Keeper

When I was a young teen, she was my secret-keeper
She knew all about me, because I told her
Knew all my skeletons, on her I could depend!
Ain’t my sweetheart, just a really good friend
As always, life intervenes, and we lost touch
Time separates friends, distance just as much
As years passed, most of our memories fade
And my youthful secrets remained in the shade
We met again; a school reunion bound to happen
Like old times we spent the whole night laughin’
But out of the blue, she unburdened a deep secret
Made me swear, that’s how we should keep it
Now I carry this heavy burden hence to forever
All I know for sure, adult secrets harder to bear
Twenty years later, in a reunion we met again
Our eyes met, we smiled, no words were spoken
But she knew her secret’s forever safe with me
My lips are sealed, though difficult it will be!
Sadly, two months ago my dear friend passed away
Our secrets shall remain so, forever and alway
© F Aparici


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