Self-Made Man

A Limerick
Just for Laughs

A self-made man he is; that! he tells everyone
Even when I care not to listen, but I can’t run
Well, he’s my good friend
He’s faithful to the end
So, I plug my ears when he’s with me, one on one
Long time ago we went out to have a night of fun
Donate beaucoup bucks from the horses we have won
But before we could spend
A mugger the devil did send
All night we wasted at the police station, one on one!
© F Aparici    08/06/2020

Dedicated to my childhood friend, who has been my buddy since I was four years old. A true-blue friend. I called him a loud-mouth to his face; it was just like water on a duck's back. He says so are you.

The story above is only partially true. We did win a few bucks playing the horses. But we didn't get mugged. We had a night of fun. We went home with empty wallets; so in a way we did get mugged. LOL


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