Black birds all in flight
Acrobatic explosion
Darkening the sky
Bad weather coming
As the starlings warn the world
With their aerial show
The wind blew harder
Large raindrops fell from the sky
Drenching thirsty fields
And on power lines
Watching the devastation
The blackbirds chatting
© F Aparici    07/31/2020

Bad haikus. I can feel Yabu (from Shogun) turning in his grave.


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Nelson D Reyes
9 months

On the contrary Brod I could see Yabu sitting with the blackbirds, seems to be happy he’s got friends over visiting.
Such is life and after life maybe: never know who what when where things happen next.

I think I you got a good handle on haiku. All four haiku can stand alone and each frames a distinct picture.

Like. Thanks Brod.

9 months

Thank you Brod. For liking. And for the vote of confidence!

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