I’ve got a splinter in my lil finger
So I’ll need a needle to take it out
A sharp samurai ain’t worth a dinger
Unless my finger, I can do without!
But should one night, I meet a ninja
In a dark and deserted street corner
Having that samurai will be nirvana!
If I’ve but a needle, I’ll be a goner!
© F Aparici    04/05/2016

My way of saying, use the right tool for the job.

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Robert L. Martin
quasi 4 anni

Remember the story of Davy and Goliath

Parker Jennings
quasi 4 anni

You might get lucky with the needle against the ninja though it's not a safe bet

quasi 4 anni

Hahaha! Thanks for liking

Robert L. Martin
quasi 4 anni

I guess you wouldn't have much of a chance; you with a needle and the ninja with a sword. Great poem about common sense.

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