The Cardinal

“I'd rather learn from one bird
how to sing than to teach ten
thousand stars how not to dance.”
- E. E. cummings.

Ceramic birdbath in the yard
There, two robins splashing at play
Reveling in mid-day sunshine
But big redbird shooed them away
The cardinal claims the whole bath
Scarlet plumage in full display
Proudly fluffs feathers then he flies
To a branch, the scene to survey
In our lives we let persons in
They take over; others can’t stay
Soon our birdbath is abandoned
Because other friendships decay
More cognizant always must we
That redbirds leave our robins be
© F Aparici

We have a birdbath in the backyard that we fill up with fresh water everyday. My wife says robins and smaller birds come in early morning. But everyday a red cardinal shows up to drive all other birds away. Over the years it's probably not the same bird, but still a red cardinal that shows up everyday.


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