Smiles in our faces, oh! this joyous morning
As the strings of the Ninth permeate the air!
A spring in our steps; a lilt in our voices
Joy in our hearts, there’s no room for despair
For the world’s been reborn; spring has arrived
Winter has retreated, the answer to our prayer
Clouds of sadness melted, dark of doubt now gone
We sing an ode this morning, it's a day most fair!
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The second of a series of poems I am writing about spring! This one inspired by Beethoven's Ninth Symphony "Ode to Joy"

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Nelson D Reyes
plus de 2 ans

Indeed we rejoice! We are one with Nature. We are Beethoven's Ninth! Nice Francis. Thanks, like.

plus de 2 ans

Thank you Nelson. It goes without saying that Ode to Joy is my favorite symphony!

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