In the twilight of my life
I’ve more yesterdays than tomorrows
I reminisce about the past
And recall moments of joys and sorrows
I think about my days of youth
The people I met, the villains, the heroes;
All the girls I fell in love with
My broken heart riddled with Cupid’s arrows!
© F Aparici         07/27/2016

I "plagiarized" the phrase "more yesterdays than tomorrows" from a speech by Bill Clinton the other night. But of well, there are no copyrights for phrases anyway.

Of course, I exaggerate about the number of girls I fell in love with during my teen years.
But not by much, LOL.

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Charlotte B. Williams
circa 4 anni

Childhood memories can be so great. Life with it's joys and sorrows is a wonderful gift. Enjoyed this.

circa 4 anni

Thanks a bunch Charlotte

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