White Clouds

Yes! ‘tis the promise of another day
All of God’s blessings on their way
White clouds for always, never gray
And so, every night, this we pray!
Over the far hills, peeks, the sun
To the darkness, it bids, Begone!
Thus, announcing the coming of dawn
Warming the fields till dew is gone
White clouds shield from mid-day heat
Casting moving shadows on fields of wheat
A softer light as the sun’s rays retreat
A refreshing pause to hearts that beat
Energizing showers, white clouds bring
No rolling thunder nor bolts of lightning
Cool raindrops alone, that’s so invigorating
They uplift the spirit; much needed cleansing!
So never be gray, let white clouds be forever
Beautiful silhouettes in the blue skies yonder
With the sun behind them, in awesome wonder
In this magical spell, may we be forever under!
© F Aparici         07/24/2017

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