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Hilarious slants on BEing Told You Have Prostate Cancer

Hilarious Slants on Being
Told You Have Prostate Cancer
Can you empathize with Wile E. Coyote
at that moment when
he freezes in the air,
suddenly aware
he’s chased the bird
beyond the edge of the cliff?
Or can you recall the time you thought  
you were getting a surprise party,
but when you stepped into the room
it was really empty?
Or do you recollect the horror film
that showed the stalwart hero,
neck bitten,
seeing now he cannot see
himself within the mirror?
Or maybe you have missed a turn
in slums at 2:00 a.m.
and left your car for some reason,
locking the keys inside,
leaving you to look at that
cozy interior,
and then behind you
at that long, dark street.
Or let’s try the circus clown
who comes on in fancy tux,
ruffled shirt and cummerbund,
when another clown,
with one snatch,
jerks the whole affair away,
leaving him standing there
in heart-covered shorts,
clutching his crotch.

Published with permission of Wordrights," No.20, 2000


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