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Graal Braun sooner or later plans to join the Lord or an   acceptable facsimile on such and such a date. As a high  school teacher he held a great variety of part-time jobs, most of which were a step above dumpster diving. He liked to plant flowers which never thrived, seize opportunities which never arose, play solitaire which he never won, write poetry which no one read, and eat foods that were not nutritious. He enjoyed libations of various sorts, especially his  once-a-week Martini. Even though he belonged to no church, he became very religious when told he would shortly expire. In his later years, he enjoyed watching the elderly doing exercises. He also enjoyed trying to  learn how to use his cell phone, determining new ways to lose money  in the stock market, telling potential northern  guests he’ll be out of town, and sitting in his chair and looking at the wall. He had a great many allergies, but you may now send flowers.


prose satirical

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