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Reginald Cory (Suggested by Robinson's "Richard Cory")

A near rhyme poem suggested by Robinson's "Richard Cory"

One day when Richard’s brother, Reginald,
Had heard enough of “such a terrible shock,”
He chucked his poise and turned with rage on all
the gleeful mourners gathered on the walk
And said, “Your tears, my friends, are asinine
If you bewail his loss of your esteem,
For having tried the bread for which you whine,
And knowing why you  gorge it, having seen
Your screeching scratch upon life’s plunging plane,
He chose a faster tilt and left less scarred
Than all of you will.” Then he stopped, ashamed
That in his undeceiving he had erred.
No fear: Those simple folk went home still grieving,
Put out the lamps, moaned, and kept on breathing


A near rhyme poem suggested by Robinson's "Richard Cory"


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