Agony drips upon parchment, blurred as through stained glass.
Memories of heavens bliss too strained to scribe.
Searing promises spindle flesh, spent and still the images last.
Debilitated devotions I’m feigned to abide.
Spat out upon pavement, my blistered inward violence.
Displayed emotions, no more palpable with deception.
Seemingly forging alone, tattered upon a barbed wire fence.
Driving maniacal fantasy, beleaguered by this infection.
Release deprived to anguish, I languish on…..And ON!
Angels disapprove, this mindless deceit which I’m plagued.
Our union’s last bastion of passion, I’m not gone….I’m Not GONE!!
Breathless ambition, now two severed hearts are displaced.


When letting go is the answer and while letting go, is impossible.

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