For my brother and sister-in-law on their wedding day

One fate tempted day, two sculptors converge
On an unmarked path
Tools in hand, spirits high
What begins as a formless feeling,
Starts to take shape
When the rough edges are smooth
Potential’s revealed
One sculptor turns to the other and says,
“Let’s create a Masterpiece”
Together they work
Together they smile
Together they create
And the form takes shape
Curves, crevices, lines, edges
The years go by, the form evolves
Protected by love
Exposed to the elements
Results as desired
The form takes shape
Year after year,
The sculptors define
The form’s limits
And limitlessness
Tools fuse into their fingers
As if there since birth
Over time, the sculptors evolve
Shaped, in turn, by the contours of the form
Until the form defines them
After all the shaping and smoothing
 Exposing and protecting
 Hiding and revealing
The sculptors lay down their tools, step back,
 And appraise their work
If they’ve worked together, laughed together, aged together, grown together
If the sculpture feels familiar and the sculptors beloved friends
A Masterpiece has entered
 The world

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