A quick glimpse of him
As we passed each other...
To the barracks ...
questions to be answered.
He was tied, no sense to fight.
My head remained lowered
no words must be uttered.
They must not know
That he was my father!
With arms hoisted up with chains,
Repeatedly battered and whipped
“Why can’t they not be satisfied,
to the answers I provide?”
Few more grueling days, I stayed
Before they lead me away.
Upon my return...
Father, my dear...
never returned home.
He was taken to sea,
Limbs bound to weights
that planted him below...
never to surface again
to see the light of day.
His memory,
I held close to my heart.
Remembering good old days
Together we spent.
In his absence,
I promised to hold his fort
Keeping my kin safe...
as he would have done
lovingly so..


As my father remembered the last time
he saw my grandfather during WWII.

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over 5 years

thank you for a very nice comment!

Cory Garcia
over 5 years

Heartbreaking, Hopeful, and Triumpent all at the same time. Its a beautiful thing that his family lives on and his granddaughter captured the sentiment so beautifully.

over 5 years

really sad... my grandfather's body was never found...thanks for reading.

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

What a sad memory. Mankind can be so cruel.

over 5 years

thanks for reading! I suppose one can only imagine. It makes people resilient to the blow of tragedy in their lives.

steven t.
over 5 years

A truly horrible way to be parted from a loved one...how can
one every make sense of such senseless actions let alone find peace within
after surviving such an ordeal?

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