Christmas eve carolers sing from down below—
As children sing along by the Capiz window.
Up above the balcony, lined up in a row—
Christmas is here! Children’s smiling faces aglow!
String bands paraded with pride—
They strut along with entertaining stride!
Colorful outfits sewn to perfection—
Their music echoed with varied inflections!
Christmas lanterns hanging by the windows
Meticulously adorned as they show;
Star-shaped with fringes and boat-like sails
Swaying slightly like flying kites' tails.
As evening turns closer to midnight...
People scurried home with flight—
Tucked their children to sleep.
Awaken Christmas morn as children peeped.


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oltre 4 anni

Thanks for reading and the time commenting. I am glad you liked it!

Antonio Rodriguez
oltre 4 anni

Christmas is indeed my favorite holiday...great poem!If you get a second check out Karla Hart's page.Son of same and IX.

oltre 4 anni

Thanks for reading and for the comment! I appreciate it! :)

oltre 4 anni

The rhymed poem fills my heart.It presents the beauty of Christmas quite nicely.You may however,strive to perfect the rhymes of the second and third stanzas at your convenient time.

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