Give it a rest, someone told me several times
I replied more than once or twice:
I will rest when I’m dead. Do you know why?
I am only here on earth for just a little while.
I will strive to do good deeds to people I like
I will give advice, whether it’s naughty or nice
Take it or leave it... What is your advice?
People must think I am crazy and unwise.
I’ll be crazy if I say: “Go, jump to your demise!”
Never do that... believe me... You’ll be surprised!
What I’ll advice is....for you to try
To be caring, loving and never give any rude reply.
Forgive your foes and be forgiven... why?
Because, your challenge in life will never be right
Until the air is clear, come next sunrise.


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J Ann Crowder
circa 3 anni

Very wise advice! Well written.

circa 3 anni

Thanks for reading and for the compliment!

circa 5 anni

Words of wisdom :)

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