He struggled for years...
Hiding someone’s smears.
Held on to painful tears
Never learned to deal with fears.
Carrying on with scathe,
Stuck in childhood’s dark strath
He walked through a crooked path;
Unleashing all his wraths.
He thrust the knife to her chest.
In return, she took the quest
To ride the journey’s crest.
Dreading downfall  abreast
With bewildering flight.
Using strength with all her might.
Clearing her vision for every slight...
Forgiveness given when he 's contrite.
New beginnings repeated at times,
Like swinging pendulum of time.
She braved the highest height...
Still hoping...to see bright light.


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over 4 years

kind of...this is about a man who repeatedly making wrong decisions againsts his partner...and she paying for the consequences more than too many times...

Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

Is it about somebody paying for a crime that he committed?


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