Coloring books were so much fun!
As a child, I kept my colors inside the lines...
I was good at that!
Afraid to go haywire,
I also drew my lines
straight—like strings of a lyre.
As time goes on...
unlike a coloring book,
life presented
with complications...
I find myself coloring it
mostly, outside the lines.
Tumultuous life created...
However, the background
is looking like
colors and patterns
in a rotating kaleidoscope.
Though the meaning
still unclear to me,
there’s opportunity
to discover it...
hopefully... this lifetime.


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Parker Jennings
over 4 years

I always made sure to color inside the lines. I remember I used to get mad when I would get a little color outside the lines. I'm thinking about buying a coloring book now, since I haven't busied myself with one in over a decade

over 4 years

Very nice.

over 4 years

thank you

Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

I used to be one of those who colored outside the lines. Now the coloring is closer to being inside the lines, what it is supposed to be.

Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

Did I interpret it right? When you were young you fit into the world. Then when you got older. the life that was inside is too complex. I hope I understood it right. The poem was very deep

over 4 years

This is about how children are taught and guided at a young age and to take pride with their work and achievements... as they get older and life becomes complicated ppl just make a mess of their lives (mistakes, bad habit, vice ...etc) . that represents the coloring outside the line which can be redirected or just be dealt with...

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