The man in his cowboy boots came in the room... whispered in my ear:
“Is that your favorite among these paintings here?”
Startled at first, but, when I glanced at his hazel blue eyes...
Suddenly, I felt  some fluttering butterflies.
Dark skin with golden glow, pearly whites aglow.
("Oh my....Who is this handsome fellow?”)
We looked at the paintings side by side.
Gave some feedbacks all joking aside.
Picasso, Rembrandt, even Van Gough,
Discussed over delightful, ice cream to go.
We laid on the beach and soaked up the sun.
Enjoyed together and built sand castles for fun.
We tried the club, I thought I could brag.
Guarded and carded... it was such a drag.
My wretched thoughts came to a halt.
He drove us further down the path,
Admired beautiful garden maze.
With his thoughtful, piercing gaze,
Into my soul I felt warmth of love I longed.
With him I was sure I truly belonged.
Unfortunately, our ways parted
When summer days eventually ended.
He graced me with heart-warming letters,
Weathered the distance across the ocean.
Elating passages, in letters he’s very dapper.
Thrilled with invitation,
I attended  this historical occasion.
Cruise ship CG52 docked at the pier.
Ribbon to cut alongside an officer.
Oh what a feeling...
It was exhilarating!
We walked at the bay side,
Enjoyed soft breeze, autumn tide.
Whispered sweet nothings,
But for me, it was everything!
Years gone by and memories fade.
But I’ll never forget whispered words made.
By the man in his cowboy boots,
In my old age, they give me energy boost.


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quasi 5 anni

So sorry for this late reply... thank you for reading, very warm compliments and for the follow!

African Child
quasi 5 anni

Wow! And u said u started in February to write? Mighty talented you are. Keep blessing and inspiring us.

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