The “Weeping Willow” tree—
in Spring, I’d like to see!
Its name may sound so sad,
Somehow, it makes me glad!
Swaying gracefully on its frame
As pretty as dancing rain,
Raindrops flow down just like tears
Touching the ground till it’s clear.
Under the branches of a Willow tree,
As if you’re trapped
but, never want to be free!
Drooping branches of the Willow tree
Sweet kisses on your cheeks—they never miss thee!
As you lie down under a Willow tree,
close your eyes, wait and see—
Listen to the sound of the swaying branches,
against the gentle wind as it catches—
An orchestra of mesmerizing breeze
It penetrates the soul—what an utter peace!


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Rich Graham
circa 4 anni

remind me of a tree when i was
in Malta nice poem

oltre 4 anni

thanks for reading! I am so glad you liked and faved it! Feeling ecstatic with your comment!

R. L. McCallum
oltre 4 anni

Great poem!!

oltre 4 anni

thank you for reading and liking my poem!

quasi 5 anni

thank you! I really like Weeping Willow trees and I imagine myself laying under it to feel the breeze there, but the willow tree in my yard is not big enough yet... :) I will someday... however, I like it when I drive my mower around its trunk and how its branches/leaves kiss on my cheeks everytime :)

Charlotte B. Williams
quasi 5 anni

Sounds like a beautiful experience. peaceful, I like this

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