White Sand Dunes

The warmth and coolness
of sand enveloped my bare feet.
The silky feel of pure whiteness,
rubbed my skin to the top of my feat.
Atop the dunes, majestic horizon
can be viewed with great admiration!
Blue firmament graced with dancing clouds,
shifted slowly to the nearby mounds.
I stretched out my arms; soaked up the sun.
I whirled around once and twice for fun.
Breeze of Spring kissed my skin.
It gave me such a soothing feelin’.
From the top of the dune, it is time to descend,
Rather to some, we mostly apprehend.
With eyes slightly shut, I slid down the slant.
Surfed down on a sled, like a racing event.
Adrenaline rush soon subsided
At the bottom of the dune a bit winded.
I brushed off some sand...
Now, ready for more... at anyone’s command!


White Sands National Monument
Vacation trip to New Mexico

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