If I was an artist
I would paint the sky a beautiful array of purple and blue
I would start with a paintbrush in my left hand at the bottom right corner of a rather
weather-beaten leather canvas
Moving my hand so smoothly across the sheet
Coming off of the smaller canvas and on to a vast area
Painting a happier world where we can live in peace and harmony
Where’s the love
We’ve got preacher’s preaching love but not practicin’
Or maybe they are, but it’s on little kids
We should listen to the paintings of OBEY
And shoot flowers out of our guns instead of animosity
Where’s the Truth in this clutter of lies we live
I don’t cause a gun war I cause a war against hate
Of course I wonder if I could go the distance
Never take credit if you didn’t write it
Stay true to what you were made for
We weren’t made to kill
We were made to love



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