This is a spoken word piece that I wrote for my brother in Christ, who is in the military and deployed at an unknown location. It is written from his perspective (yes, he is a black man), when he gets the time he will send me a video of himself performing

My people have both seen and felt the pressures of pious white folks
Thinking that they are in the right
Beating the poor
And feeding the rich
They would raise their flag with a patriotic cry
Thanking God for their country
But giving a black eye, to the black man
How many years will ignorant remarks about the color of our skin hold relevance in our society
I may be the darker brother
but the man who wrote these words is white
I come from a warzone of pigs
where flesh means number one
where saving your own life
means costing a daddy his
This selfish way of life is eating my soul
Starving me from the inside out
The politics of war are backwards
American politics were founded upon God
But are used for selfish gain
The blood on your hands, isn’t really on your hands
I’m lying
This is actually one of those imaginary games that you’d play when you were younger
I’m lying
Our imagination can be a pretty magnificent thing
Did you know that a lot of Greek myths are inspired by Biblical writings
Myths are fictional pieces
The Bible is a solid piece
So build your house on a solid foundation and worry little about a disaster
Build your house on sand
And live in fear of a catastrophe
I want to write words on behalf of my life
Yet I want to write words that speak of life
My sojourn with war has got me crying
This position I’m in is taking me
God save me!


soldier, God

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