You have this…
Sparkle in your eyes
This unmistakably precious gem
With a sparkle not even matched by a bay of emerald green gem stones
As deep as the rain forest is diverse
Your eyes are like the eighth wonder of the world
I want to get lost in them
Leave this world
and get lost in the forest in your eyes
Gravity, just stay the hell away from me
Let me get lost in space
I can’t take these planes moving out
Why won’t you stop moving away from me
I can only follow you so far
For so long
My love for you has no limitations
An eye for your heart
I’ll protect your loving
as long as you love me
We won’t starve as long as we have each other
To fill the void and empty space
I’ll be there for you always and forever
In the bad
And in the good
I’ll be your superman
And babe
I don’t have a kryptonite
I’ll be your strong and steady during the storm
If you’ll be my warmth and comfort



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