I’ve got a feeling that every time the sun rises
I’ll get another chance
I’ve got a feeling that by the time the sun drops
You’ll be in my arms  
I wish that before I met your amber blessed head that I got a gents blessing  
When you’re coming down the old dirt road
Into my arms
Let our lips provide the air bags
I wish that I could make you believe that you’re wanted
Opposites attract
and you’ve got my devout attention
Only my utmost for a beauty like you
A gaze from you makes me feel like the plants of the forest have found a dwelling place in your eyes
God has blessed me with your allurement
My hope feels revitalized when I gaze upon your beauty
Nature itself feels the beauty of your gaze
Every time I wander
you’re there to put me on the straight and narrow
The path for your love is like a climbing an uneven rock face
But I’ll make it to the top with your beauty as my beacon



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