This love that I’m feeling is like floating on cloud nine
It’s something we think we know but we no nothing of the sort
When I’m with you it should be illegal like ecstasy
I get lost in the never-ending vortex of your eyes
Dodging the lasers of invading ships
Trying to fight off the pirates who are driven by greed and riches
The vast oceans unpredictability is driving me insane
Some times there are blockades created by waves  
Or cyclones meant to deter me
But you are my dock
My light amongst blackness
Is the gem in a lake of gold
Is the water that inhabits the dirt
Are my thoughts towards you
Land is where I catch your gaze
It draws me in like the bird beckons me
I get lost in the ocean that is your eyes


It's wide open for interpretation.

It is what you make it.

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