A life without love is a life wasted
Life brings joys that we should rejoice in
Sorrows that we should hold each other in
And new life that we should celebrate over
Friendships get made stronger
And relationships either grow deeper into love
or crumble
in front of your eyes
All the while, whistling by you, is a boy and a dog, reminding you to love
The boy loves his three-legged mutt unconditionally
The dog is loyal till the end and will always protect him
no matter what
You see,
love is not a simple word used to express adoration
Commitment lies beneath the heartfelt feeling described by man as love
Love is like an old oak tree
It never fails
Never gives up
It lasts for hundreds of years to come
Challenged by the whirling winds of hostile actions
Yet it holds on
But if it is not cared for
It suffers slowly
Holding on to its life to provide comfort and protection to someone or something
As we should hold one another, and not ever let go
The old oak tree stands firm, deeply rooted and continuously nurtured
By the ones who love it unconditionally
Don’t waste your life with anger in your heart
And on your face



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