No longer can I stand for this
The enemy has a left hook that’ll hit you like a high-speed train
My time in the ring is spent
My body is swoll and swollen
The lights have been dimmed
My coach in the corner is on my side
Saying words of encouragement and motivation
Still I struggle to keep my eyes open
and my body upright
The crimson drip blurs my vision just enough to see the fist knock me out
My fingers creep out from my clenched fists to be the stability that I need to rise
To rise above the mockery
the negative words
the limitations put on me by outside forces
I hate the chained confinement
Because I know that I can be more than a beaten warrior
There is lyrical depth to these words I print on this page
This battle is more than a boxing match
It’s more than a selfish battle between brothers
The blood is more than life’s sustaining liquid
It’s symbolic of what has been done to save the lost
My coach will neither betray me
Nor forsake me


sports, religion

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