The elevator came to stop at the third floor and a beautiful lady walked in and stood next to a nicely dressed gentleman. She had blonde hair, and was carrying a manila envelope.  She was carrying the envelope vertically with it pressed up against her chest, as if she was holding something of grave importance. He was tall, and he looked like a lumberjack. He was in the elevator for one reason, so that he could reach the top floor and gather intel on the security of the building, to make the heist easier. The elevator came to a jolting halt in between floors.

“Um, what’s going on?” The woman said.

“I actually have no idea.” Replied Jack.
Jack pressed the “Call” button on the elevator. A voice came over the speaker.

“I know you’re stuck sir. It will most likely be a half hour until we can fix it.”

He released the button. The woman let out a huge sigh.

“What do we do now? I have a package that I need to give to my boss.” The woman said in disbelief.

“Well, we might as well get to know each other a bit. I’m Jack, one of the lawyers at this firm, I work on the ninth floor.” He said reaching his hand out for a handshake. He had just lied through his teeth and felt no remorse.

Michelle could sense that something wasn’t right here, so she decided to tell him false information about herself. “Well, aren’t you a gentleman. I’m Michelle I’m a secretary at the front desk. I’ve never seen you come in.” She said perplexed.

“Yeah, I’m a new guy here.” He said trying to think of a quick response that wouldn’t alert her. “Do you know when the doors to the building close at night? I have a lot of extra work to get done before I go on vacation.” He asked nonchalantly.

“Already? Wow, lucky you to get so much work in this economy. Anyways, I’m the last person to leave the building, and I set the alarms when I leave.” She replied with that fake happiness you display at a birthday party you really don’t want to be at.

“At least this is a glass elevator and we can see outside, otherwise I might get claustrophobic.”  She said as she walked to the outside of the elevator.

“Claustrophobia sucks, I’m sorry.” He said as his legs almost gave out beneath himself.


“Well, here’s my floor. I’ll see you around.”  Jack walked out of the elevator and Michelle immediately pressed the “Alarm” button because she noticed that Jack’s answers were a little too quick. If he were actually a new guy, he would question the fact that Michelle was releasing the information that she did as the “new employee” trainer.

“On the floor! On the floor!”

Shots rang out. Two of them, loud and quick.

Michelle looked up, out through the open doors, she could see Jack stunned and staggering. He was bleeding from the chest. Blood thick and pulpy ran down the length of his torso.

A pale blankness ran across Michelle’s face as she backed  up to the corner of the elevator. The staggering body stumbled and fell against her.

She screamed once before passing out. The last thing she had seen was a crimson puddle at her feet.


This is an original short story that I read at a creative writing reading.


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