As if I don’t know
I’ve got it on my heart
Marked up like grafitti
I’m unashamed to show this
Why am I ashamed to show the light
All I know is that I fail
Big F
I look at a test and I fail  
I know how to start a fire like the back of my hand
That does mean I commit arson
My Lord calls me to do that
To spread the light
To share the word
Don’t start fires like a lost boy
Start fires like a leader
Forget their cruel talk
Their deceitfulness
I know it looks nice
But it won’t suffice
Now let me tell you what I mean
All I know is that I’m sesceptible to mistakes
That’s not treasure
That’s fools gold
Believing in Jesus isn’t a religion
It’s a way of life
Live your life according to His word
Do his word good
Show the world what it means to be
A Man of God



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