I try to write
But this pen only scratches
The paper
It’s like these abstract
Thoughts in my mind
Are just that
Thoughts that cannot  
Be put into words
Because words fail
To emphasize the emotions
That are trapped in this body
Maybe it’s just that, my vocabulary
Is not large enough
Like the words “beloved” and “blessed”
Are too simple of words
Look a little deeper
and the theological
Impact of such words
Can be discovered
But not grasped
Because theology is man seeking
To explain the unexplainable
Sounds like an oxymoron
Because it is
How can the creation
Explain the creator
When the creation has such
A limited knowledge of said Power
Our pens only scratch
The surface of our scrolls
Our minds only grasp
Such a limited portion
Of said Power


A lot of this poem was inspired by a book called "Life of the Beloved" by an author named Henri J.M. Nouwen.


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