The complexity of the way I feel for you
Is what consumes my mind when I sit and relax
As if high stress
Is a good way to decompress
Orchestrating these feelings
While conducting this orchestra
Only creates musical tension
Because I may be distracted
By her yearning for perfection
Sidetracked from creating a joyous noise
And instead feeding the desires of my heart
But is it really that bad
If I let this one event distract me for some time
If my purpose is to create
Is it wrong to take a detour and self navigate
Even writing these words
Is like, I’m teasing these sentiments
Are my desires
Just as dire?
As making this orchestra known
So that other’s can know why
Even though I am so confused
I can still create so much noise


I am so torn about something so why not turn it into a metaphor.

Love, Desire, Rooted

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