"Peace be upon you", a greeting in the Hebrew language

Be still my soul
Rest in the moment
Elohim is with you
Tune the strings of my heart
To play a sweet melody
That pleases ears of judges
And softens the hearts of beasts
Keep my toes tapping
In rhythmic procession
As I anxiously await
The new life
Let me not become complacent
With one simple action
But may I run the course
According to all that is good
May I resist for a reason
Not providing a mirror for my oppressor
But a third way of reacting
Let creativity run amok
Blurring the allure of violence
And letting the imagination
Become reality
This third way that I have spoken of
Is not some utopian dream
But an attainable worldview shift
Bestowed upon he who will listen
For more than a moment
Shalom Aleichem

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