I write these words out of what seems to be nothing
An idea is sparked in my mind
And like wildfire the letters begin to burn marks on the page
Creating poetic stanzas that alone make no sense, but together
Together they flow in a rhythmic sequence
I write these words to do justice
To a mind that’s lost in this earth
I write of the beauty unseen and the beauty unnoticed
The every day beauty that is lost in the turmoil
Beauty of the beautiful
I write with intention in mind
Like we were made with an intention
We were made to love
Love is such a simple word with so much depth and meaning
I love that dress you wear that shows the contours of your beautiful body
I love that dinner that we shared
I love you with all of my being
Love is a word that is
And overstated
An intense feeling of affection should fill your heart
I love this
I love that
It means so much to love
But do we not know how to love unconditionally
Without bias and judgment
Without restraints and limitations
Love, does not judge
It keeps no records of evil done
It does not boast, and it does not envy
Love should overwhelm your being and leave you addicted like a drug
Love is such a word
with meaning beyond human cognition
Such a word should leave you speechless
And leave you with a feeling that should overcome your whole being



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