These words are formed in the heart
I know what it’s like to be knocked out
And feel like giving up
I know how it feels
To be stuck on what’s inside
Myself as it tears me apart
But see we were creatively
Divinely designed to make art
With a purpose I write
No longer myself in sight
Because art tells a story
It reaches a level
We too often ignore
You may think
That reading words is boring
Because the art you see
Is formless
And without shape
Somehow relaying a tale
A narrative designed
With human frailty in mind
But think how your words
Form the whole world around you
What you hold sacred
And what you hold fake
Are created by words your mind makes
But those words are just ways
To describe to your brain
The deeper truths your heart emanates
All of the kings of this world
Are just humans with a title
Every one of them with a bee in their crown
They all have opinions
They all rule by their words
But artists are different
In that they rule by their hearts
And they let the world feel it
That’s what we call art

This is a piece about the power of art.
Ft. Seth Williams

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