Hate is standing at the front door
And I want to answer it objectively
Because of love for what is right
But fear of their
Is sneaking in the back door
It’s like everywhere I look
The darkness is overtaking
The progress of the people
That fought for the unity
Of U.S.
The tendrils of hatred
Are rising like I’ve never seen
Like a vine wrapped around humanity
They are fighting to take over
We mustn’t sit back
And feel the emotions of hatred,
For man is our brethren
As well as we can, we must stand up
For each of us are human
I am, simply because we are
But the failure to recognize
The humanity in each other
Can stir emotions that we have fought for a millennia
So I make my voice for peace and justice known
Not because it is
“the cool thing to do”
Not because of a political agenda
But because of a Son
Will you continue to stand with me?
Stand for what is good
What is right
What is honorable and virtuous
For if it is, it is holy

We live in a time that can seem hopeless, the political climate giving a bleak outlook, still fighting these race-related battles with the outcome never quite measuring up to what we had in mind. This piece explores what it is to be human, it's an invitation into a life lived as one
There's a lot of building off of peoples thoughts and ideas; people that have impacted me substantially, like, a hip-hop artist named Lecrae and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, I even use the Bible.

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